Giraffe Evolution Wikia
Giraffe Evolution Wikia

The Universe is the fourth and final area of the Giraffe Evolution Game. In this area you can obtain one of five Ultimate beings as shown below:

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You can only have one Ultimate being each time, and the game tells you that you can increase the level of this giraffe, by combining more of the lower giraffes.


Once the giraffe has reached level 4 the restart the universe button is selectable, so you can find the other Ultimate giraffes. You lose your current coins and all your giraffes. You keep all your diamond, upgrades (tractor, crates), aliens and hats. You also get 30 diamonds and 10% bonus (the cps bar looks like [cps] cps+[bonus perscent]%). Important: bonus perscent increaces exponentially for each recreation, for example: after two recreations the bonus is 1.21 (1.1^2), after three it's 1.331 and so on.


This area has the same background for each recreation - a dark blue background with twinkling stars and the occasional shooting star in place of giraffe poop.

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After creating an ultimate being, every time you combine two Triumpards it will level up by 1. When it reaches level 4 you can recreate the universe. The ultimate being's poop value increases every level (e.g: level 1 - 1 million/100,000 coins, level 2 - 2 million/200,000 coins and so on).