Savanna Party

Various species & crates hanging around the Savanna

The Savanna is a grassland with very few trees and it's the first level in Giraffe Evolution, where crates are delivered. Crates must be emptied and Giraffes fused or the level will become full. The maximum number of Giraffes in this level is 8 to start, but later on can be upgraded to 16.

The following giraffes can be found on this level:

Baby Giraffe Right arrowAdult Giraffe Right arrowCamelocorn Right arrowCapriraffe Right arrowSerpenpard Right arrowPiper


Screenshot of the Giraffe Crate timing bar showing "Full!" message. Means the Savanna is at max capacity

A warning screen appears if you try to purchase additional giraffes when the area is full. Also, there is a small red timing bar in the lower lefthand corner of the screen that indicates the time left until the next crate drop or shows a FULL! message in red whenever the Savanna level has hit maximum capacity.

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