Once Calforn is discovered on Mars, the player will have the option to unlock Pluto for 10 gems, where

one will discover the Plutonian Giraffes.

The Plutonian Giraffes

Pluto Ground

Baby Girafoo > Girafoo > Baitail > MacAngela > Speeda > Plutozilla

Pluto Plains

Effarig > Zenraffe > Giraffork > Geminiraff > Girachnid > Skyraffe

Once Skyraffe is discovered, the Martian will return and ask for the Skyraffe in exchange for 50 diamonds. Once you have given it to the Martian, it will ask for another Skyraffe, in exchange for 50 diamonds. In case you are wondering, the Skyraffe is willing to do anal... for a price. Not everyone can fuck a Skyraffe for free, you know. Unless you're that piece of shit Arifmetix, who should really start dedicating his time to more productive endeavors. On second thought, Skyraffe would definitely not hook up with that piece of shit. It's allergic to virgins.

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