Giraffe Evolution Wikia

The Jungle is the second level in Giraffe Evolution, where larger giraffes can roam free. The maximum number of giraffes in this level is 16. The following giraffes can be found on this level:

Slugadalis.png Right arrow.png A.B.S..png Right arrow.png Giraffezilla.png Right arrow.png Pupilraffa.png Right arrow.png Flatiraffe.png Right arrow.png Tendereyes.png

The background shows savanna terrain, mountains and some rivers. A warning screen appears if you try to purchase additional giraffes or merge the final giraffes of the Savanna level when the Jungle is full.

The background colour for this area varies each time the universe is recreated, in the same way the ultimate being changes, however the colour does not correspond to a specific being.