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|Unfreeze 200 Pluto giraffes
|Unfreeze 200 Pluto giraffes
|Diamonds with ice
|Sell 2 Skyraffe to the Martian

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Achievements Icon

The Achievements logbook is located in the Menu, marked by the tiny blue notebook icon in the upper right hand corner. This tracks your progress in tackling the game's challenges. There are 22 achievements to beat.

Some of the achievements have a secret goal, displaying only ???? until completed, but still many of the tasks explain their goals rather easily.

Every task in the list, whether explained or shrouded in ???, has an empty bubble-like doodle check mark to the left side which indicates progress by filling up with a green color. Also, the percentage is displayed below the check mark doodle.

(Any ???? will be filled in as quickly as I can finish the mystery goals.)

Title Description
Great Achiever Complete the Girapedia
Tap-a-ton Tap 100 giraffes
Giraffusion Fuse giraffes 100 times

Garage Sale

Purchase 123 giraffes
Giraffes To Go Open 2,000 crates
King of the Jungle Reach 1,000 coins per sec.
King of Coins Reach  50,000 coins per sec.
Coin Industry Reach 1.0 Mi. coins per sec.
Wow, This is Wrong Upgrade delivery box to get bigger giraffes
Giraffe Parade Have all jungle giraffes wearing the same hat
The Party Have all jungle giraffes wearing different hats
Tall Hats Get 1 of each hat in the game
Adventurer Discover the Continent level
World Domination Discover the World level
Giraffe to be kiddin! Create an ultimate being
Time Traveler Recreate the Universe
Girabouros Recreate the universe in less than two weeks
Speed Run Recreate the universe in less than one week
Space Invader Discover planet Mars
Area 51 Discover all giraffes from Mars
Just Business Sell 100 giraffes to the Martian
Rubypalooza Sell 2 Giragmeout to the Martian
Forgotten Planet Discover Pluto
Cubism Discover all giraffes from Pluto
Freezer Unfreeze 200 Pluto giraffes
Diamonds with ice Sell 2 Skyraffe to the Martian

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